Friday, April 26, 2013


In geography class recently, we have been talking a lot about poverty/global concerns. We have just watched a documentary on these guys who decide to drop everything and move to Guatemala. They want to understand how these people live on just about a dollar a day. This impacts these guys so much, that they start an organization! They have challenged anyone in the U.S. who wants to try, to survive four days with eating a dollar's worth of food everyday. Some kids in my 6th grade class and my teacher, Ms. Zimmerman are going to attempt next week to survive on a dollar a day's worth of food for four days. Four days!

I am going to attempt it myself next week, and I am really intrigued with the idea. Food like bread, pasta, and rice are great because they give you energy. Fresh fruit and vegetables are good for you, however, they are way more expensive than some canned peaches or beans. Peanut butter, tea bags with water, and ramen noodles are also good ideas. I will keep you posted on how it starts and ends up next week. For more information on this challenge, visit: and look for the Join the Challenge page. Wish me luck!

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