Saturday, March 16, 2013


What You Need:
-Old Picture Frame
-Paint (optional)

What You Do:
If you are painting your frame, paint it first and make sure that it dries thoroughly.

Take a strand of wire and lay it across the frame. Using the pliers, twist the wire on both ends to attach it. Repeat until you have reached your desired amount.

Add embellishments if you'd like. Hang it on your wall or sit it on your vanity. Dangle your earrings and enjoy your creation!

Thursday, March 14, 2013


So...recently I have felt like my room has been a little bland and boring. Here are some tips on how to re do your room with stuff you probably already own.

First, take old necklaces you don't wear, and hang them on your lampshade.

Next, decorate a cork board with fabric, beads, appliqués, or whatever you want. Then add school pictures, pictures of family and friends, cards, drawings, poems, etc. Be creative!

Now, find a full body mirror. Mirrors give the illusion that your room is larger. So, the more the better.

Cut pictures out of magazines and books, use drawings, photos, and bumper stickers. Create a poster with a large piece of poster board or card stock, glue, scissors, and pics.

Take favorite books, journals, trinkets, rocks, etc. and add them to your window sill. In mine I used two books, two journals, a minuscule bird cage, a Buddha, and a piece of quarts.

Hang accessories and bags on your wall, with thumbtacks.

The last pic is a magazine wall done by one of my best friends, Millie. It has a Buddha painting in the middle and pages from magazines (like Jcrew and 17 mag). Really cool, and easy.

Sunday, March 10, 2013


Washi tape...

It's basically just über colorful painters tape except its made out of rice paper.

You can put it on your walls, notebooks, dining ware, and just about anything else. I have yet to find some due to the fact that I live in the middle of no where...however, it has been on my mind.

But just where can you find it you ask? I am sure you could get it at your local Joanne's (ha like there is a local Joanne's where I live..) and/or target.