Saturday, April 6, 2013


While in Sanibel, my friend and I got henna tattoos. I have always thought that they were really cool and pretty. Therefore, here are some instructions on how to do a henna.

(Henna Tattoo courtesy of Spatini Teabar in Sanibel Island, Florida)

You will need:
-a tube of henna paste
-a toothpick or wooden skewer
-a towel
-an idea for tat

What you do:
Draw out your design with the henna paste on wherever you want on your body. You may want to print or draw out your design on a piece of paper first (for reference). Use the toothpicks or skewer to touch up mistakes.

Let your henna paste dry on your skin undisturbed for at least four hours. Avoid contact with water in those first four hours as well. Chip off the paste.

The stain will darken in the next 12-48 hours and will stay up until two weeks.

The first photo is the paste as its drying. The second is the stain.

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